Benefits of the BioMat

Increases blood flow

The BioMat uses Far-infrared radiation (FIR) to penetrate deep into the blood vessels, to do work better than conventional heating cushion. FIR technology has been used for decades to heat food more thoroughly. It's the same heat from the sun. The far-infrared radiation, instead of "near" infrared radiation, does exactly what its name implies: the heat is radiated further in the substances. Heating pads only use near-infrared, which can only heat the skin. The BioMat uses Far Infrared, which dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. This alone has many advantages:

- Reduction of blood pressure
- Relieve aches and pains
- Reduce the inflamed tissue

Apart from the added benefits of the FIR, the BioMat also functions as a normal heating pad, which relaxes and soothes. It is perfectly safe to sleep in the Biomat, and that may help you sleep better. The improved sleep patterns help to relieve stress and anxiety and improves mood and flow of work during the waking hours. The heat also makes us sweat out toxins in the body, which has a lot of benefits:

- Improved complexion
- Weight Loss
- The decrease in disease Opportunity

The negative ions

The truth about how positive and negative ions can effect is amazing. Dry winds, static electricity, computer monitors, stuffy rooms and offices, and smoke are a breeding ground for positive ions. Whenever we are surrounded by positive ions of many, we feel irritable, sleepy, sometimes bad. By contrast, negative ions have the opposite effect. Beaches, waterfalls, mountains, pine forests, thunderstorms and contain thousands of negative ions, and tend to be places where you feel revitalized and refreshed.

Just a walk in the sun and away from the computer screen is a good way to give a dose of negative ions. The BioMat can do even more. His production of negative ions help the body to:

- Increase metabolism
- Reduce the aging process
- Strengthen your immune system

Amethyst Crystals

The driving force behind the production of negative ions and amethyst is FIR. For centuries, the amethyst has been used to heal, calm and soothe. Its name means "not intoxicated" as the Greeks discovered that when I was near the amethyst, people tended to clear more quickly. Now we know that amethyst has a detectable magnetic field used to improve and increase the negative ions and FIR. Therefore all the benefits of both are increased when using the amethyst.

The benefits of the BioMat are numerous, and ultimately are nothing new. If you could spend all day in the mountains, the sun, relax at a refreshing waterfall, you would get the same benefits. If you had all the time in the world to run on the beach for hours every day for an eternal summer, you would get the same benefits. Unfortunately for most of us are not viable options.

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