The Magic of Amethyst Biomat

Biomat - First, the BioMat is original carpet rugs were created by other competitors in an attempt to duplicate the technology at a lower price. The Biomat is the only product to combine the triple synergy of Far Infrared Rays, negative ions and amethyst crystals for a true mind, body, and the experience of spiritual healing. Biomat uses the highest quality Bi-Metal in its mats. The Biomat is unlike any other device ion generating activities infrared or negative on the market. This is the fundamental difference between the use of infrared sauna, infrared mats (without 10Hz infrared or amethyst) and the Biomat. The human characteristic of infrared BioMat makes it different from any other infrared device on the market. The Bio-Mat delivers Negative Ions, energizing the body for optimal health.

Some of the benefits of Biomat:

Amethyst Bio-Mat improves cardiovascular function and circulation
Amethyst Bio-Mat Improves immune system function
The Amethyst Bio-Mat relieves pain
Amethyst Bio-mat burns calories and controls weight
The Amethyst Bio-Mat relieves pain and stiffness
The Amethyst Bio-Mat Reduces stress and fatigue
The Amethyst Bio-Mat Improves skin

Far Infrared (FIR) Technology was first brought to us by nature itself. Traditionally we have received our daily dose of infrared from sunlight, which is composed of all wavelengths of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. NASA discovered FIR (infrared) in the 1960s as a way to keep astronauts healthy in the darkness of space. An extensive investigation determined that amethyst crystals have properties that emit long-wave infrared rays that penetrate the body 6.8 inches deep. Far infrared rays not only benefit the muscles of the body surface, but all cells of blood vessels, lymph nodes and nerves. These rays revitalize the biological function of cells and increase circulation, creating back pain relief and arthritis pain and the elimination of toxins and carbon dioxide from the blood.

In addition, far infrared ray treatments have been used for cancer, chronic pain, stress, stiffness, joint pain, rheumatism, low blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and back pain relief. The FIR (Far Infrared Rays) waves at speeds of cellular metabolic processes and triggers enzyme activity and cell regeneration of damaged tissues.

The infrared absorption of Long Wave in the human body begins with the removal of carbon dioxide. All living organisms have toxins (waste material, poisons) that accumulate in the joints of the body. Improved overall body system is felt by some people in a single session. As a home sauna, the Amethyst Biomat will make the body sweat and detox at a high value. However, only a home sauna far infrared rays penetrate 3-4 inches into your body, compared with biomat ability to penetrate 6-8 inches into your body.

The Amethyst Bio-Mat 10 Hz Infrared Sensor:

The Amethyst Bio-Mat includes another sensor which generates 10 Hz infrared. 10 Hz IR acts as an information carrier when passed through various materials, such as human and animal DNA, pheromones, as well as gemstones such as amethyst. Amethyst Bio-Mat 10Hz IR sensors were tested along with a control group without sensor Biomat 10 Hz. This means that infrared alone was not responsible for the healing, but rather the addition of information to be released from the Amethyst as hypothesized by researchers.

Benefits of negative ions Biomat FIR (Far Infrared Rays) and the benefits of negative ions penetrate the skin deeply, helping detoxify impurities from the skin and lymph nodes. The deep heat of far infrared rays biomat helps dilate peripheral blood vessels, bringing benefits to health and healing negative ions in the muscles and soft tissue injuries.

Benefits of negative ions professional researchers and studies agree that our health depends on the amount and the benefits of negative ions in the air. Negative ions are invisible particles that we inhale in abundance near waterfalls, forests and oceans (you feel so alive and strong in these places!) Scientifically, which are molecules with an extra electron helping to alleviate allergies, migraines and problems of sinusitis. Once they reach the bloodstream of the benefits of negative ions a rate at which serotonin is oxidized in the blood, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy. Research on the benefits of negative ions has also completed more positive emotions and relief of depression.

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