Why should you use Biomat?

Biomat is a device used for healing purposes, combining many aspects of new technology for the treatment of certain diseases. The great advantage of using is that you can be sure of the safety device. It can be used by people of any age. Do not cause any physical problem. Biomat is approved by the FDA as a medical device useful. The device combines the technology of far infrared rays (FIR), amethyst crystals and certain negative ions.

Biomat is used in the treatment of various medical conditions. Amethyst crystals create a leverage effect which greatly helps patients. The first uses it, he or she will soon realize that the heat released by the FIR. However, the feeling that the heat is not really the treatment. The rays penetrate the body, including a measurement of seven inches. When cancer patients are treated with Biomat, in the heat it produces (that is up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit), cancer cells begin to die, while the body's normal cells remain intact.

Another advantage is Biomat treatment that accelerates the treatment itself, increasing blood circulation. Biomat does so by expanding the blood vessels. When blood vessels expand increases circulation, oxygen flow to parts of the body increases. Priest and gives stress and relieve pain. For patients who are unable to exercise, Biomat is a blessing, because it burns hundreds of calories in just minutes.

An alkaline environment in the body increases the chances of destroying cancer cells. When the positive ions flow through the body, this effect is not reached. The flow of negative ions when using alkaline condition ensures Biomat in the body, and therefore, treatment for the patient. Amethyst crystals have different healing effects. It also increases the effect of the FIR in the body. Amethyst is a cleansing agent that cleanses the body and calm down. According to their age, size and preferences, choose your own Biomat and see the result yourself. Beware of fake products found in the market and choose only the original.

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