The Amethyst Biomat - The healing of heat?

If you or a loved one are facing health problems are severe, chronic pain, cancer or diabetes, which is a product specifically designed to help in their fight against the pain associated with the disease and help you regain your health. It is the Biomat Amethyst.

Natural healing is a buzzword these days. It is found everywhere. There are a lot of demands and trying to decide which one to believe that is where things get a little tricky, and often frustrating.

It is my hope that this article will help you decide if the Amethyst Biomat can be a solution to the health problem you are experiencing.

The Amethyst Biomat combines three components scientifically proven healing, energy far infrared and negative ions and amethyst.

Far infrared energy was discovered by NASA's quest to find a way to protect and keep astronauts warm, while in outer space. That technology was then promoted through studies in Russia and Japan.

Far Infrared energy not only provides warmth, but also helps to heal at the cellular level. Cancer cells can not survive above 107 degrees, but normal healthy cells actually improve with higher degrees of temperature. The far infrared energy penetrates the body Biomat 4 "- 8", which offers deep tissue healing.

Negative ions are well known for its strength to our bodies. To revitalize and rejuvenate us, giving us a sense of wellbeing. Also clean the air we breathe, so many air ionizers have come to market in recent years. The Biomat emits negative ions, which produces the same effects but in a more concentrated form. A single session of 20 minutes on the BioMat can rejuvenate, giving you the energy you need when you need it. It's like taking a nap!

Amethyst is an important component of the Biomat, as is well known for its healing powers. But it goes beyond that. Amethyst is the super-conducting energy for Biomat. The Biomat has no wires inside the carpet itself. The computer sends an electronic signal to the canvas, but it is the amethyst on the carpet that carries energy along the carpet.

So, what exactly is the Amethyst Biomat?

It was a carpet. No heat until you lie on it, or place an object on it. The heat you feel is actually the penetrating power and communication technologies (vibration) with the cells of your body.

The benefits of Amethyst Biomat are numerous! Improves circulation, very important for diabetics and those with heart disease. It detoxifies the body, a very important element for anyone who lives on Earth, we live in a very toxic. It reduces and often eliminate pain. It slows you down while you are on the table, something that many therapists and massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists say that AIDS will greatly since the quietest to their patients, are more therapeutic treatments.

The Amethyst Biomat is a medical device approved by the FDA. Why is it so important? Medical devices are examined very differently to medications by the FDA. The Biomat has received the highest approval that the FDA offers: the ability to sustain life. Because of this approval, the cost of the Biomat is tax deductible, and may even be covered by your health insurance.

The Amethyst Biomat is available in sizes ranging in size from king-size chair. What size is right for you depends largely on what you are looking to accomplish. You have a full week from the time you receive your Amethyst Biomat to decide whether to help your health regimen or not. If it is all we expect, can receive a full refund of the purchase price.

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